Family law

Family law

Separation and divorce issues involving complexities which go beyond purely economic considerations require a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to address all psychological, existential, relational and logistics requirements.

The Firm´s experience in family law covers marriage agreements, separations, divorces, proceedings filed before the Court of Appeal, nullity/annulment of marriages, stalking, domestic harassment, family property law (community of property, separation, patrimonial funds, conventional community of property), trusts, property ownership and personal relationships between partners living together, child custody (awarding, placement, relations with grandparents), family homes (assignment/division), orders for protection and removal of the partner and/or child, assisted procreation.

As case law continues to evolve, the Firm´s lawyers have gained specific experience in the issues connected with the institution of the de facto family, and specifically: personal and property relations between partners, assignment of the family home, more uxorio agreements for living together, equivalency of natural and legitimate children, protection of natural children in terms of recognition or repudiation, maintenance and inheritance rights.

The Firm also dedicates special attention to the multiple aspects of minors´ rights, such as awarding, placement and visiting of underage children (legitimate - natural - adopted), their protection and eligibility for adoption, both national and international adoption proceedings, representation and administration, donations and inheritance, standing in loco parentis, protection and custody, protection of absolute rights, regulation of expatriation of minors: granting/revoking of passports, proceedings before the judge supervising guardianship.

In order to provide clients with complete assistance in all areas, the Firm´s lawyers work with the most highly qualified financial advisors, forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, family mediators and professional educators, aware that a crisis in the family can only be overcome if all the issues involved are addressed.